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       I'm Dean

I provide tools, techniques and tutorials to help you drive your business  -  by the numbers!

 Better decisions,  higher profit,  confident cash management

A little about you

Are you working hard but don't seem to be making the profits you should be?

Do you worry about having enough cash to pay wages, taxes or supplier bills when they're due?

Do you have a book-keeper or accountant, but not sure how to get best value from their services?

Do you want to shift from simply producing standard financial reports to actually use the numbers to drive your business forward?

If this sounds like you, I want you to know that you're not alone.
There's something here for you

Who am I?

A management accountant with decades of business experience, and a passion for makers and manufacturing businesses.

I coach and support business owners  who do not feel comfortable with the financial side of their business.

I try to keep it as simple as possible .... so you can focus on growing your business ... making more confident and impactful decisions along the way.

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Starter Pack

If you are new to business, or maybe just starting out on your passion project.

There are some fundamentals that will help to guide you in the right direction
From the Start!

Download this 5-page PDF that includes overviews and a checklist to follow



Profit = Revenue - Costs
Well, yes and no.  

There are different types of COST and different levels of PROFIT.
It is important for you to know the differences and how they affect how much cash you end up with.



You want to grow ?

You want to improve your current capabilities ?

You'll be looking to do something different, then.
The essence of Innovation is outlined in this 3-page PDF.

Some kind words from clients

 "I feel very fortunate to have met Dean in the early stages of my business start up with The Strucket. I am the creative and Dean worked the figures. With his knowledge and practical milestone setting for our future projections Dean was able to give my business a charted course to a successful launch.
I honestly believe Dean’s work has been a strong foundational piece to solving our Strucket puzzle.”

Kelly Lavery
Founder, CEO - The Buderim Bucket Company

 "I engaged Dean as a Strategy Consultant to help me set the business foundations for my start up LILY ASH. Dean really helped me to make sense of the financial components of my new start up, particularly identifying how much capital is needed and how I could gain access to various forms of funding. Dean speaks a language I can understand. He articulates all things financial in a way that resonates with me and makes me feel at ease."

Janine Wyborn 
Founder, Lily Ash

"I have been working with Dean on strategic and financial planning, and overall business management as I developed my organic chocolate manufacturing business.
I have found Dean invaluable for my early stage business. He provides a range of great services including integrated business planning modules and workshops.
I highly recommend."

Millie Mae
Founder, Pure Mill Chocolate

 "Dean helped our Regional Management Team to focus and prioritise our range of strategic projects.
The action plan he helped us to put together allowed us to focus and deliver on our top priorities and to delegate the distracting urgent, but not important, tasks." 

Ryan G
Global CTO

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Services to partner with the courses

Business Plan Review

Have your Business Plan quality reviewed within a week.
Initial consultation followed by an audit of your plan in line with your stated strategy and objectives.

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It is one thing to develop a business plan, and map out your profit, cash and growth intentions.
Plans remain only intentions unless you execute on them.

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Planning Concierge

Mentor guided course to complete the Business Planning Process and develop your execution plan. Monthly accountability buddy check-ins for the first 12 months.

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