Get clarity, confidence and capability in dealing with your business finances.

Your passion, time and money is wrapped up in your business and I want you to make the very best of it….. making every second, every dollar and every decision count.

To me it is Common Cents.

Yes, cents not just sense. As an accountant my nature is to ensure you plan, resource-up and execute to maximise your income objectives.

After working through my actionable, and results-focused tools and tutorials, you will:

  • Know you are in control of your business finances
  • Feel more confident in your decision making
  • Have the right language to talk to bankers, investors and accountants


Profit Mojo

The right tools and confidence in using them

Are you losing your Profit Mojo?

Whether you are a for-profit, a not-for-profit or a profit-for-purpose business you should

“know your numbers”.

Not only know those numbers but actually understand and manage them – to ensure that your profit (surplus) is not seeping away unexpectedly.

If your profits are disappointing, regardless of how hard you work… you are losing your Profit Mojo.

Having worked with hundreds of businesses over the journey I realise a few things:

  • Finance is rarely a key skill for business founders
  • I can provide financial clarity and confidence that founders often need
  • I enjoy helping businesses grow and thrive

Business Plans

I’m too busy to be planning !

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” – Anon.


Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.” 
― Winston Churchill

Why do you need a Business Plan ?

  • It will stop you feeling OVERWHELMED by the sheer number of things you need to do as a business owner
  • It will help to tell your TEAM where you’re heading and their part in the journey.
  • It will allow you to talk to your bank and funders with CREDIBILITY and satisfy them that you’re a good bet for that line of credit
  • It will give you the CONFIDENCE to talk to potential investors when you’re looking for some scaling capital.
  • It will give you a warning that you might run out of cash because you are GROWING so fast

Business and Financial Planning and Control Processes.

Like most aspects of business, and life in general, once you break down Business Planning as a set of process steps, then the mystique and uncertainty disappears and you are left with actions that lead to outcomes that deliver your objectives.

Our integrated business planning modules and workshops take you through a structured process to do exactly that.

Execution !

“Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.” ― Tom Landry, Hall of Fame football coach

You may have developed a business plan previously. A great intellectual exercise full of optimism and excitement for the future. But where are you now?

Too many times I have worked with businesses who tell me about, and show me, the business plan they drew up two years ago. The one they pulled from their bottom drawer, or the top shelf, thick with dust and never visited since their consultant helper handed it over.

It is a scenario that plays out all-too-often. And the reasons for that are precisely the reasons that I provide the tools I do:

  • A consultant was paid to pull the plan together. So you don’t feel total ownership for it
  • It had a standard, cookie-cutter, format that is not relevant to your needs.
  • It was big on planning and small on execution.
  • It was big on ambition and light on resources – capacity and capabilities.

Your business is the biggest project you have ever had.

That is my approach to guiding clients.

I have many years experience of planning and delivering huge projects for massive clients; making big businesses bigger.

Those experiences and disciplines are directly relevant to early-stage businesses and their growth plans.

In helping clients develop their plans there is always an eye on execution. By matching objectives with resources, capabilities and capacity you will see that those grand plans CAN be achieved, and what will be required to make it happen.

There are many formats of business plan – from simple to-do lists to full-blown pitch decks.

You can choose the most appropriate for your needs. One that will help you to execute and achieve your business objectives:

  • Maybe to acquire funding for your business, or
  • To feel that you are in control of day-to-day operations, or
  • To brief partners and team members on the direction and speed your business is travelling

The steps are simply broken down to:

  • Set your objectives
  • Make plans
  • Get your resources in place

At the Execution level my toolset will allow you to:

  • Set milestones and activities
  • Allocate responsibilities
  • Monitor and update them on a rolling 90-day plan.

Your own accountability-buddy to keep you on track.

If you break it down into manageable pieces, with mini-decisions along the way, you’ll be surprised how much progress you’ll make!

Products and Services

Profit Management, Business Planning, and Execution

Profit Mojo

Online courses, workbooks and resources to give you confidence and control in planning and managing your business finances.

Each course includes:

  • Video modules
  • Worksheets
  • Section quizzes
  • Access to ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions for 12 months.

The Problem with Profit

  • For Business Founders who lack confidence in managing their budgets and cash flow
  • Have more informed and cost-effective discussions with your accountant now that you can speak his language.
  • Move from a ‘leftover’ mind-set to having a clear plan achieve your income objectives
  • Understand the drivers in your business and how they affect your income
  • Get clarity on the different types of costs and the different decisions they drive
  • Hints on how to avoid being another ‘failure’ statistic
  • A simple model to help you organise your finances

The Problem with Profit

Online tutorials, workbooks and 12-month Ask me Anything Support


Are you Shark-Tank Ready ?

  • For Business Founders who have achieved some traction and want to grow
  • You’re ready to ‘Step up’, or maybe ‘Scale up’ by looking for an injection of funds
  • Maybe you have Export markets in your sights
  • Perhaps you have a new product line you want to develop
  • Will your business and financial plans stand up to scrutiny ?
  • What preparation is required to make your funding pitch a ‘slam dunk’ ?

Are you Shark Tank Ready ?

Online tutorials, workbooks and 12-month Ask me Anything Support


Looking for the exit

  • For Business Founders who are ready to move on to their next challenge
  • What preparation is required to maximise the value of your business ?
  • Have you left time to make the changes required ?

Looking for the Exit

Online tutorials, workbooks and 12-month Ask me Anything Support


Planning Concierge

A personal guide and partner for creating your business plan for your business and your specific needs.

The Concierge service includes:

  • One hour initial conference call to establish the parameters (timing and objectives) for the project.
  • One-on-one, intensive completion of the six-step Business Planning process. [Usually 4-5 weeks]
  • Collaborative drafting of formal business plan documents and associated pitch pack contents. [ Does not include a pitch deck or presenting the pitch for you!]
  • Detailed project plan for delivering the activities as laid out in the plan
  • PLUS…..: Accountability buddy for quarterly check-ins and updates to the plan for the initial 12-months.

Planning Concierge

Mentor guided course to complete the Business Planning Process and develop your execution plan. Quarterly accountability buddy check-ins for the first 12 months.



Tools and tutorials to guide and support the execution of your plans.

  • Online, guided model for you to focus on what is important right now
  • Industry best practice guidance in developing your execution plans
  • Toolsets to cover activity tracking, risk management, KPIs and Milestone achievements


Online tutorials, workbooks and 12-month Ask me Anything Support.


Business Plan Review

A quality review of your business plan, to include:

  • Initial consultation to establish your business objectives, your current status and why you would like a review conducted.
  • A desk survey of your planning documents to establish plan cohesion, ommissions, and storyline support from your data.
  • A report outlining the review findings and informing a discussion with you regarding the next steps.
  • A final report outlining the review outcomes, indicated plan updates and next steps.

The Business Plan Review usually completes with 6 working days, dependent on your availability.

Business Plan Review

Have your Business Plan quality reviewed within a week. Prices in AUD