Profit and Cashflow Planning

Tools, Techniques and Tutorials for Numberphobic Founders

Profit and Cash Flow Planning with Confidence

Increase your profits

Improve your cashflow

Acquire funding

Grow your business

Business founders thrive on their passions, their innovation, drive and energy.

Only a percentage would say they love the admin and financial aspects of running their business.

Understanding your numbers can help you grow your business, increase your profits and keep plenty of cash available for when you need it.

Are you working hard but don’t seem to be making the profits you should be?

Do you worry about having enough cash to pay wages, taxes or supplier bills when they’re due?

Do you have a book-keeper or accountant but not sure how to get more value from their services?

If you answered YES to one of those questions I want you to know that you’re not alone.

As an accountant with decades of business planning experience, I have developed a range of tools, techniques and tutorials focused specifically for owners of early-stage businesses who do not feel comfortable with the financial side of their business.

The GOOD NEWS….. It’s not rocket science …… I try and keep it as simple as possible for you…. so you can keep focusing on growing your business…. but making better, more confident and informed decisions.

Conversations with my Accountant

The online course to get you across your numbers


Guided business planning for growth and funds raising

Business Checkup

The checkup of your financial systems and processes

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