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Dean Craven - Founder
Introducing Dean who will help you with business planning, profit maximisation and execution
Dean Craven Business Services – Founder Dean Craven

Your Business Planning, Profit Maximisation and Execution Partner

I grew up working in the ‘Big End’ of town; planning and delivering projects that made big companies even bigger.

I spent many years travelling the globe, in different cultures and absorbing life-changing experiences as they presented themselves to me.

As time passed by I decided I wanted to be closer to the action; to help early-stage businesses to set themselves up for success, using my strategic accounting and project execution background.

I undertook to develop a range of educational and actionable resources and services to help you, the business founder become comfortable, confident and in-control of your business direction and its finances.

My business passion lies in the creative, maker and manufacturing spaces. I love the creativity and cleverness of this sector and love to see business owners get away from being overwhelmed by the money and ‘backroom’ aspects of their businesses and be able to re-focus and double-down on their creative endeavours.