Financial Forecasts – keep an eye on your cash

Financial Forecast Preparation

Your financial projection is your business plan in numbers. Many small business owners find that preparing a financial forecast is the most intimidating aspect of developing a business plan. Even MBAs who have studied finance and accounting can have trouble figuring out just where to start.

I qualified as a Fellow Chartered Management Accountant in 2001. I have worked with companies, huge and micro, to develop their plans – I can help!

Whether you are starting a brick-and-mortar small business or a high-growth tech venture, there is a financial model appropriate for your specific situation.

Whether you are in start-up, step-up or scale-up mode, with differing levels of data accuracy and refined assumptions, I can help you build a clear picture of what your business plan means in monetary terms.

My financial modelling process will distill the essence of your business into a manageable number of core assumptions and cause-and-effect relationships so that you can distinguish between what’s important and what isn’t.