Business Plan Self-Assessment

It’s that time of year……

your vacation is over and now its a time to take stock of your business….

How did last year go for you?  Did it meet your expectations?

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • Getting back to business feels like Groundhog Day
  • I’m already sucked in, with no time to focus on building the business
  • I do have ideas to move the business forward, but struggling to make it happen
  • I haven’t got enough funds to grow the business
  • I seem to be constantly repeating time-consuming tasks
  • I’m busy enough, but my bank balance isn’t improving
  • I don’t get many customer complaints. When I do, I get totally swamped in resolving them.
  • I’m struggling to find time & money to take my family on holiday.

If you answered yes to any of these you might be suffering from R.A.P.s (Random Acts of Planning Syndrome)

Take our TEN MINUTE self-assessment to receive a personalised diagnostic report and supporting materials to help you move forward and make your dreams into plans and your plans into reality.