Business growth cycle

Businesses progress through a predictable cycle of ideation, experimentation, testing, commitment, establishment and then growth.

Pre-Start-up, Start-up, Step-up, Scale-up is how we like to phrase it.

As the Entrepreneur, the founder, you will be travelling along a similar path:

You start off with your own skills and areas of expertise – but from day 1 you are expected to know and deliver on a whole range of business activities – often on your own.

You will need to grasp a range of technical skills in addition to hustling your idea into the market.

If you are lucky you will get some traction, but overwhelm will kick-in as you focus on servicing your customers whilst at the same time you have a business to run.

Over time you develop your confidence and build a team around you, whilst realising that you also need to be a leader as well as the idea engine for your business.

Research shows that there are over SIXTY personal and technical elements that you will need to bring in to play and master to one degree or another as you build your business.

Is it any wonder you feel overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done?

Build a Business Plan using our structured process and use your living documents to keep on-track towards your objectives.

Identify those areas where you excel and double-down on them. Look to delegate everything else when you have the resources to do that.

Build a team that matches your personal values and complements your own work ethic.